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As a veterinarian in New Haven, you have specialized skills to treat sick and injured animals. This ability is not easily achieved, it requires years of schooling to earn a degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. You also have to pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination. After you have met the requirements set out, you may begin working as a licensed veterinarian. 

When You Risk Losing Your License

Being able to provide care to your patients requires you to maintain the proper state licensure. The Connecticut State Board of Veterinary Medicine is responsible for monitoring potential license violations, and may revoke a license when necessary. A few reasons a license may be revoked are:

Gross negligence. A standard of care is expected and required when working with patients. Failure to comply by those standards could risk injury and harm to the patients, yourself, and colleagues. 

Failure to comply with health and safety code. In order to ensure patients are well taken care of and their condition does not worsen in your care, proper health and safety measures must be taken. 

Failure to keep accurate patient records. As part of running any business, proper records are required. When the health and safety of patients are at risk, inaccurate records could risk their wellbeing. 

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As a veterinarian in New Haven, you will be able to provide care to the sick and injured animals in your community. You are required to maintain state licensure to do so. If you fear you are at risk of losing your license, please contact a New Haven veterinary license defense attorney.