New Haven Connecticut Insurance Agents - The License Lawyers

In order to become a licensed insurance agent, pre-exam education is required. This will range from a 40 hour education course to an 80 hour education course depending on your area of expertise. After you have completed the required education you are required to take the Connecticut Insurance License Exam. Once you have passed the exam you may apply for your license with the National Insurance Producer Registry. 

When Your License is at Risk

Your license will allow you to begin meeting the needs of your community in a unique way. A license is not always guaranteed, and in fact can be revoked if necessary by the state’s insurance department. A few reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Misrepresentation. Your clients come to you looking for help, and intentionally misleading them is not prohibited. 

Fraud. You are responsible for your clients sensitive information and money. Using this to personal gain is a violation. 

Felony conviction. Being convicted of a felony will result in a revoked license. 

The License Lawyers Can Defend Your Livelihood – Call Us

Insurance agents play an important role in the lives of their community members. In order to continue providing your services, you must maintain your license. If you have been contacted by the State Insurance Department regarding your license, please contact a New Haven insurance license defense attorney.