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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and paramedics in New Haven have the responsibility of responding to the calls of people in their most difficult times. These first responding professionals must provide medical assistance, such as CPR or bandaging a wound. Further, they are responsible for assessing a patient’s condition to determine a course of treatment prior to getting to a hospital. Oftentimes this first aid treatment can save a person’s life. Because of this, obtaining your license to become an EMT can be difficult yet rewarding. 

When Your License is at Risk 

Maintaining licensure in New Haven is an important part of becoming an EMT or paramedic, and before applying to any jobs you must obtain your license. This requires first passing the state approved EMT course and process certification in CPR basic life support. After this, you will then need to apply to take the cognitive and motor schools exam through the National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians. 

Paramedics follow a similar path, however they are trained in more advanced medical care in case of an emergency. Essentially a paramedic is the highest level of EMT. Paramedics are required to work as an EMT for up to two years and are then required to gain 1,200-1,800 hours of training before becoming a paramedic, and then they can take the National Paramedic Certification. However, if you are an EMT or a paramedic, there are situations where your license may be revoked. These situations include:

Excessive drug or alcohol use. If discovered, this could lead to a suspension or revocation of license. 

DUI/criminal convictions. Because first responders are responsible for the lives of others in high intensity situations, any type of criminal conviction could result in the loss of your license. 

Negligence/gross negligence. In emergency situations EMTs and paramedics have to make snap decisions. However if continued mistakes and negligence occurs it could mean the loss of your license. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

Becoming a paramedic or EMT in New Haven is an exciting and fulfilling career, but all of your hard work could be taken away. If you are ever contacted in regards to the loss of your license, please contact a New Haven EMT/Paramedic license defense attorney, such as the ones at our office.