New Haven Connecticut Daycare Workers - The License Lawyers

As a daycare worker in New Haven, you are able to provide a service that so many depend upon on a daily basis. To begin working within a daycare, you must be at least eighteen years old and have a high school diploma (or an equivalent, or 540 documented hours of experience). Continued child development education may be desired at some daycare facilities, but not always required. Proper daycare facilities must meet standards set by the state Basic Building Code, Fire Safety Code, Public Health Code, and local ordinance. 

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Once a facility receives its licensure from the Division of Community Based Regulations, they must constantly work to make sure they are meeting the standards and not violating any state mandated code. If a violation occurs, a license may be revoked. A few reason a license may be revoked are: 

Code violations. Whether it be health, fire safety, or building code, if the facility is not functioning in a manner seen fit to the state the license may be revoked. 

Criminal conviction. If an employee is convicted of a crime, their license may face review and possible revocation.

Improper records. Records are vital to the functioning of any business. Improper records of employees, children, immunizations, enrollment, etc. is a strict violation. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional 

So many families are dependent on the childcare you provide to the community. Proper licensure is required at all times when providing care. If you fear you may lose your license, please contact a New Haven daycare license defense lawyer.