Protecting a Connecticut Sales License
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Sales License Defense From Professional License Attorney

In order to sell certain goods in the state of Connecticut, a professional license is required. These professional sales licenses can be difficult to obtain, and once you have one, it is not guaranteed that you can keep it. If you are accused of conduct that a governing department deems inappropriate, your license could be on the line. In this section, we explore some of the common sales licenses and how to protect them.

Licenses in this Section

Selling liquor is closely regulated because of the potential consequences that it can have for individuals and a community. For this reason, you need a valid liquor sale license in order to carry and sell any form of alcohol. Unfortunately, this license can be stripped from you due to issues such as selling liquor for too low of a price, selling to minors, and more. You can learn about how to defend your liquor license on this page.

In a similar field is the medical marijuana license. Dispensaries in Connecticut are allowed for those who have marijuana medical cards. It can be difficult to obtain a medical marijuana license, so it is important to make sure that you comply with all of the regulations for this license. Proper advertising, selling to the right people, controlling the products, and maintaining a valid license are all imperative for keeping a medical marijuana license.

In order to sell lottery tickets in Connecticut, you also need a license. Applying for this license is fairly straightforward, but keeping it can be difficult. This license can be stripped for complaints related to improper record keeping, using false advertising, cheating customers out of the type of ticket they purchased or the prize that they won, and more. We have more information on our lottery defense page.

Finally, in this section we cover the real estate license and its defense. Many people go through their whole careers as real estate agents with no issues. However, an unhappy client could file a complaint against you and could lead to trouble for your license. Common reasons why complaints are filed include mishandling broker fund trusts, unlawful payment of commissions, criminal convictions, and more. We explain more about defending this type of license on our real estate license defense page.

We Are Here to Help

The license lawyers are happy to help with your sales license defense. We can guide you through this process and ensure that you comply with investigations without incriminating yourself. Contact our office for more information.