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Daycare License Lawyer Defense

Daycare workers and programs provide an essential service for those that have children, but also need care for them during work hours, after school, and the summer. Daycare workers and establishments have very high standards to uphold and are also closely monitored. The state of Connecticut is very strict when it comes to any illegal, unethical, or unprofessional behavior. People are also very protective over their children and generally take parenting seriously, so sometimes complaints can come from unhappy parents who feel that their children were mistreated or the daycare facility overstepped when it comes to caring for their children. Unfortunately, these issues could lead to a daycare license suspension or revocation. 

The Division of Licensing

The Division of Licensing oversees the licensing of child care centers, group child care in homes, family child care, and youth camps. The Division of Licensing oversees four different types of child care including: 

Family child care homes, which can provide care for up to six children that are not in school full-time, and can care for children for 12-hour increments of time. 

Group child care homes, which provide care for between seven and twelve children at a time and can operate within a home. 

Child care centers, which provide care for children outside the home and for more than 12 children at a time. 

Youth camps, which are youth camps and summer camps, or organized activities that operate during time off from school or weekends and they accommodate five or more children between 3 and 16 years old. 

The Division not only oversees these establishments, but also enforces statutes and regulations, investigates all complaints made against them, monitors the programs for compliance with statutes and regulations, processes applications, and provides technical assistance. If there have been allegations made against a daycare worker or facility, the Division will receive the complaint and investigate the conduct. If evidence is found during the investigation that substantiates the allegations, the Division of Licensing has the authority to discipline the licensee or take away their license. 

Getting Help

If you have a license to be a daycare worker or operate a daycare facility and are facing action against your license from the Division of Licensing, it is advised that you seek counsel from an attorney who can help fight against any allegations and help you keep your license. Call our office today to speak with an attorney who can answer your questions and help you through this difficult process.