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It might come as a surprise to you that hypnotists need to be registered in the state of Connecticut. Working as a hypnotist can be an exciting job. You can work with people to help them overcome mental health issues, behavioral issues, physical pain, and more. If you want to work as a hypnotist in Connecticut, you can learn more about the registration process on this page. Make sure that you are properly registered and that you follow all of the rules so that you can keep your registration status.

Connecticut Hypnotists

What exactly constitutes a hypnotist in the state of Connecticut? A hypnotist is defined in Connecticut as a person that performs hypnosis. However, this does not include those who have been licensed by the state to perform dental, medical, counseling nursing, or other health care services.

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of consciousness that has been artificially induced. This state is characterized by heightened reception of suggestion or direction.

Connecticut Hypnotist Registration

People that practice hypnosis in Connecticut must be registered with the state. Registration can be obtained through the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Registration status is different and usually less intense than obtaining a license to practice, but you will still need to go through a registration process. Keep in mind that this registration is not necessary for those who are licensed to perform medical, health care, mental health, or substance abuse services in Connecticut.

You can apply for hypnotist registration by mail or online through the Department of Consumer Protection website. There is a $100.00 that goes along with the application. The application just asks you to fill out basic information such as your contact information and information about your criminal history. You will also have to provide your business information so that the Department of Consumer Protection has that on record.

Also keep in mind that once your registration is approved, you need to stay diligent and keep up with it. Registration in Connecticut is not for life. You will have to renew your hypnotist registration each year. Registration expires every year on October 31st. You can renew your registration online or by mail, but the Department of Consumer Protection recommends that you do so online, since it is a faster process. You should get a notice about a month or two before your registration is set to expire. You might get this notice via mail or via email. Keep in mind that you must pay a $100.00 renewal fee each year.

Defending Your Registration

Once you receive your registration and begin your career in Connecticut, you do not want this taken away. However, the Department of Consumer Protection could investigate complaints against you and force penalties upon you if they feel it is warranted. The Department of Consumer Protection can take action in the event of:

  • Sexual or physical abuse.
  • Misappropriation of property.
  • Deceit or fraud in getting the registration.

If you find yourself in the middle of an investigation, contact me for help. I will make sure that your rights are defended and fight for you to keep your registration status. Contact me with any questions and we can get started on your registration defense as soon as possible.