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License Defense Lawyer Breaks Down Consumer Complaints

Everyone with a professional license dreads the possibility of having a complaint made against them to the Department of Public Health or a similar governing body. However, having a complaint filed against you is a possibility if you have a professional license in Connecticut. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with this process so that you know what you are up against you should ever get a complaint from a client.

Who Investigates Complaints?

Client complaints are generally sent to the Practitioner Investigations Unit of the Department of Public Health. In some cases, other divisions or agencies will investigate complaints. This depends on the type of license that you have. For example, licensed healthcare facilities in Connecticut are overseen by the Facility Licensing and Investigation Section (FLIS).

Complaints Filed With the Practitioner Investigations Unit

Individual healthcare practitioners may be subject to an investigation by the Practitioner Investigations Unit. There are many different forms that a complainant needs to fill out depending on the specific situation that they face. In addition, keep in mind that Connecticut is subject to mandatory reporter laws. Some healthcare providers and hospitals need to report to the state if they think that a certain healthcare professional is not capable of fulfilling their job requirements properly or safely. If a mandated reporter wants to make a complaint, they will have to fill out a separate form.

Complaints Filed With the Facility Licensing and Investigation Section

There is a FLIS Complaint Submission form that those reporting to FLIS must fill out in order to make their complaint. Those concerned about the treatment, care, or services offered at a particular healthcare facility may file this form and make a complaint. This form must be filled out and submitted online.

Staff members will review the concerns raised to the FLIS. They will determine if the complaint warrants additional investigation or if there is not a strong basis for the complaint.

What If You Get a Complaint?

If someone files a complaint against you with the Practitioner Investigations Unit of the Department of Public Health, the FLIS, or another governing agency, try not to panic. We know that a complaint against you or your business is a frightening prospect, but it is important to remain calm. First consider that getting a complaint does not necessarily mean that an investigation will follow. What’s more, an investigation does not mean that you will lose your professional license. There are many situations in which the case is dropped after the complaint is made or after an investigation does not find anything substantial.

However, it is best to prepare for some potential consequences. If you find out about a complaint against your professional license and a subsequent investigation into you and your business, it is a good idea to hire a lawyer. A lawyer will make sure that your rights are protected every step of the way. This can give you peace of mind that everything possible is being done to protect you and your professional license. I am happy to help, simply contact me for more information.