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Chiropractor License Defense Attorney

Obtaining a professional license to be a chiropractor means extensive education, training, and building a reputation. After such an investment and time and money, it can be one of the worst things to find out that you may lose it all because of a complaint against you. For chiropractors, addressing complaints must happen quickly and professionally to prevent a loss in license or reputation. 

Chiropractor Regulations

In Connecticut, chiropractors are regulated by the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. This Board consists of practicing chiropractors and other members of the public. The Board has the authority to take disciplinary action against licensees, investigate complaints, and hold hearings. There is a separate licensing board that is responsible for granting and denying chiropractic licenses. 

What Causes License Issues?

There are several types of misconduct that could result in an investigation. Some conduct that could lead to this include: 

Fraud Involving Insurance and Healthcare 

Poor Record Keeping 

Noncompliance with Audits 

Substance Abuse 

Violent Crimes

Breaching Patient Confidentiality 


Unethical or Unprofessional Conduct 

Negligence in Patient Treatment 

Criminal convictions are the misconduct that is most likely to lead to discipline or loss of license. In most cases, a misdemeanor will not result in a loss of a chiropractic license, but it does depend on what the type of crime was. Misdemeanors that involve illegal substances or violence could likely lead to license suspension or revocation. 

Negligence and malpractice are other common reasons for Board investigation that can lead to disciplinary action. When a chiropractor does not follow the guidelines for dosages and or is negligent in treating patients, this could lead to overdoses, injury, and other harms to the patient. Malpractice could lead to civil lawsuits as well as license suspension or revocation. 

The duties of a chiropractor involve working hands-on and very closely with patients, including injured people, children, and the elderly. Because chiropractors work with these vulnerable groups, they are subject to very high standards. Failing to follow codes of conduct and ethics could result in a Board evaluation and investigation that could lead to findings of more than just unprofessional behavior. 

Because chiropractors are held to a high standard, alcohol and substance abuse as well as other personal issues that occur outside of the office could result in a Board investigation. One incident of alcohol or drug abuse could lead to recommended rehabilitation or substance abuse treatment. More than one incident or a drug or alcohol-related offense could lead to much more serious consequences. Any healthcare professional, including chiropractors, are at risk for losing their professional license for treating patients while under the influence. 

Getting Help

If the Board has notified you or a complaint or has launched an investigation into you or your practice, the best thing to do is to remain professional, comply with investigation demands, and consult with an attorney who knows the law and knows your rights. If you are in this investigation, call our office to talk to an attorney who can guide you in the right direction.