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Pharmacists go through a significant amount of sacrifice, including time, expenses, education, exams, and more to obtain a professional license. Pharmacists prepare medications, detect medication complications, fill prescription orders and uphold a huge responsibility of providing the public with critical care. Because of this great responsibility, pharmacists are faced with a lot of regulations, laws, and ethical expectations. It can be easy for a pharmacist to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to not make a mistake. However, mistakes can happen and the best way to be prepared in that event is to understand what happens when those mistakes are made. 

Issues Leading to License Suspension or Revocation

Mistakes that can lead to license suspension or revocation can be anything from minor oversights to crimes like fraud. A common reason for disciplinary action is when a pharmacist fails to renew their license before its expiration date. Sometimes this failure is a mere oversight but it can quickly result in the license becoming null and void. If this happens, the result is usually a fee or continued education, but the penalty can be more severe if the licensee becomes delinquent on renewal several times. 

Pharmacists and their duties are taken very seriously because even minor mistakes in prescriptions can lead to serious medical complications, overdose, or even death. Incompetence is one reason for loss of license, meaning a pharmacist is expected to be very accurate and careful. Even acting carelessly or forgetting to check known allergies of patients can lead to disciplinary action. 

There is a lot of paperwork and records that goes into each and every patient and prescription so record keeping is essentially a pharmacy’s lifeline. Mistakes that could lead to sloppy and disorganized paperwork and records could cause bigger mistakes in prescriptions and also could be very easily discovered in an investigation. Poor record keeping could lead to other negligent acts that could lead to a loss of license. 

A more serious violation that could lead to disciplinary action or loss of license is fraud, which is huge in the medical field because of the frequent access to drugs and narcotics. Fraud can mean that the pharmacist engages in taking drugs for sale or for personal use, deceptive billing, defrauding of insurance companies, and other actions. Other crimes, even if they are completely unrelated to pharmacy duties, could result in a loss of license. The Commission of Connecticut Pharmacy could decide to take disciplinary action against the license and it could also lead to automatic license suspension before the opportunity for a hearing. 

Getting Help

If you are a pharmacist and fear that you are going to face administrative issues or are currently facing these issues, your license and livelihood may be at risk. Call our office today to speak with an attorney who can answer your questions.