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Connecticut Professional License Lawyer Defense

It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and time to obtain a professional license and hold certain jobs. The rigorous application process and training required is meant to protect the public who use the services of certain types of businesses. Holding a professional license also protects the professional from unjust or unwarranted removal of their license – there is a disciplinary process that must be followed which allows professionals certain rights when their license is at risk.

If you hold a professional license, check out this section of our website. We outline several common professions as well as the licenses associated with them. If your license is on the line, you can learn more about how to save it.

Licenses in this Section

In this section, we cover a few common professional licenses. We have a page dedicated to teacher licenses and teacher defense. Working with minors puts teachers in a position of power and authority, and it is important that teachers do not abuse this power. That is why the Connecticut State Board of Education takes allegations of teacher misconduct so seriously. Oftentimes, complaints are minor and dismissed without an investigation. But sometimes, the situation could worsen and you could face a suspension or revocation of your license. This might be the case if you face a criminal charge, are accused of a sexual relationship with a student, if you falsely obtain a license, or in several other situations outlined on this page. Learn more by visiting our teacher defense page.

Similarly, many daycare workers and daycare facilities must have the proper license in order to work with children. Complaints from parents or other people close to a daycare facility can result in an investigation and subsequent consequences. You can learn more about daycare license defense here.

Another professional license explored in this section is the embalmer and funeral director license. Working with those who are grieving as well as deceased bodies requires attention to detail, empathy, and skill. Complaints might be made from an upset client or due to a health issue. You can learn more about these types of licenses and how to defend them on this page.

Finally in this section, we explore the insurance agent and defense of this type of license. Insurance agents are expected to be professional, knowledgeable, and ethical when working with clients. Common issues that could jeopardize your insurance agent license include financial irresponsibility, unfair trade practices, fraud, incompetence, and more. We provide more information on insurance agent license defense here.

Getting Help

Facing issues with your license and discipline from a board or department on your own can be overwhelming. Unfortunately when you try to go through this process alone, there are many simple mistakes that you can make, which can easily be avoided with the help of a lawyer. For these reasons, it is best to contact a license defense lawyer to assist with this process. Our office is ready to help!