Frequently Asked Questions About Professional License Defense
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Frequently Asked Questions About Professional License Defense

Will I Be Able to Keep My License?

We hope so. But knowing nothing right now makes this hard to say. A free initial consultation is the best way to get more detailed answers about your specific situation.

Can You Delay the Action to Keep Me Working?

Many times this is possible. Unless the state has reason for immediate suspension, we can negotiate this with them if you reach out fast enough. The sooner we start the process the better chances of success.

I Have Been Suspended. What Should I Do Next?

Click, call, or message us. Time is not on your side. The sooner you connect with us, the better chances we have for success – because sometimes we need to draft legal documents or file paperwork to keep you working.

Can My Employer Fire Me If I Lose My License?

Yes, many times your professional license is a requirement of your job and your employer can take action against you if you do not have the license – and this can be without notice, without severance, and without understanding.

Who Decides If I Keep My License?

Depending on the administrative agency who is responsible for your license, a hearing officer or board will ultimately determine what happens to your license. However, early interaction can allow for negotiation instead of waiting to see what happens.

Should I Talk to the Investigators?

It is best to say as little as possible to the investigators while still cooperating with their search. You do not want to give any information that could be incriminating, so it is best to consult a lawyer before saying anything to the investigators.

What is the Administrative Hearing?

If a department launches an investigation against your license and wants to move forward with penalties, you are entitled to an administrative hearing in order to defend yourself. Don’t waive your right to this hearing; instead, give yourself a chance to fight the allegations and tell your side of the story.

Should I Settle With the Board?

Negotiations and settlements are oftentimes options when a professional license is being investigated. Only a professional license defense lawyer can review your situation and give you the best advice regarding entering into a settlement with a board or taking your case to an administrative hearing.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

You need a professional to help you navigate the disciplinary process that you now face. It is better to have someone familiar with this process to guide you through it, rather than trying to go through it alone. You give yourself the best chance of resolving this situation favorably when you have an advocate on your side. We are happy to assist with your situation. Contact our office for more information.