New Haven Connecticut Cosmetologists - The License Lawyers

A degree from a State Board of Education approved cosmetology school is required to become a licensed cosmetologist in New Haven. This includes over 1,500 hours of training and study. Once a degree is completed, you must pass a written exam administered by the Department of Public Health. After you have met these requirements, you may apply for your license. 

When You Risk Losing Your License

Once you have obtained your license, it must be renewed every two year through the Department of Public Health. The department has the power to deny or revoke a license if they see necessary. Some reasons a license may be revoked are:

Drug abuse. It is important that clients feel safe and comfortable in their environment. If this becomes an issue, the department might revoke your license for the public’s safety.

Unprofessional behavior. When providing your services to the public it is important that you are professional. Clients may report feeling uncomfortable or unsafe to the department. 

Failure to keep proper records. Up to date and correct records are required in any business. Failure to comply with regulations could lead to a revoked license. 

Get the Help You Need Today!

Working with the public as a licensed cosmetologist can be a rewarding experience. Proper licensure is required to work with the public in this capacity. If you have been contacted by the Department of Public Health concerning your license please contact our team to talk to a New Haven cosmetologist license defense attorney.