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Embalmers and funeral directors are a vital part of the New Haven community. To become an embalmer and/or a funeral director, an associate’s degree in mortuary science and a baccalaureate degree are required. Additionally, one must pass the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards and complete the Connecticut state regulations examination. Once these requirements have been met, you can then begin your one year apprenticeship.

It Could All Be Taken Away

The Connecticut Department of Public Health will then issue your license once they receive the proper documentation of your completion of the outlined requirements. The department will monitor licensure to ensure license holders are upholding the proper standards. The department can revoke any license if they believe it to be necessary. A few reason a license could be revoked are:

Improper records. Proper record keeping is necessary when dealing with the public and especially in such sensitive situations.  

Violating health code. Most violations will first result in a warning; failure to comply will result in a revoked license.

Improper funding management. As a director, you will be handling clients’ funeral finances and expenses. This must be done honestly and responsibly.

Turn to a License Defense Professional 

Working as a funeral director and embalmer can be a rewarding opportunity to serve your community in a highly sensitive time in their lives. Proper licensure is required to continue serving your community. If you believe your license is at risk of being revoked, please contact a New Haven embalmer and funeral director license defense attorney such as those at The License Lawyers.