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As a licensed medical marijuana dispensary you have an opportunity to contribute to your community in a unique way. In order to begin, you must obtain the proper license. The first step is to have an active pharmacist license issued by the Department of Consumer Protection. You must then apply with the department and provide all the necessary documentation requested. If approved, you must renew your license annually. 

When You Risk Losing Your License

The Department of Consumer Protections is responsible for issuing licenses, as well as handling disciplinary actions. This could include revoking licenses when necessary. A few reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Failure to keep accurate records. Sensitive information is involved in the medical marijuana field as well as sensitive products. Failure to keep proper records could result in a revoked license. 

False, misleading or deceptive representation to the public. The public depends on you to provide accurate and truthful information in regard to your business and sales. 

Civil action. If you face a civil action involving drugs, medical devices, or fraudulent practices, you could lose your license. 

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Working in a developing field is not easy but allows for new opportunities. In the medical marijuana field, you must hold the proper license. If you are concerned your license is in jeopardy please contact a New Haven medical marijuana license defense attorney at our office.