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As a tattoo technician in New Haven, you will have an opportunity to showcase your talents and provide unique services to your community. Becoming a tattoo technician is no easy task. After turning eighteen years old, you must complete a disease prevention course that complies with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, obtain a first aid certification through American Red Cross or American Heart Association, and have verified completion of at least 2,000 hours of practical training under a licensed tattoo technician (or have five years of continuous practice prior to January 1, 2015). 

It Could Get Taken Away

Once you have met these requirements, you are able to apply with the Department of Public Health for your license. Once you are issued your license it is important to comply with the department’s licensure standards in order to maintain your license. The Department of Public Health may revoke your license if you are found to be in violation. Some reasons you may be at risk for having your license revoked are:

Drug or alcohol abuse. Clients expect to have a clean and safe environment when they take advantage of your services. Having a drug or alcohol dependency could jeopardize clients’ safety and wellbeing. 

Health code violation. The Health Department will periodically inspect your facility. Any violations will be noted, and if they do not result in immediate suspension you may have an opportunity to fix and comply with code. Failure to do so may lead to a revoked license. 

Falsifying records. Up to date and accurate records of clients must be kept. This is to protect you, the facility, and the clients. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

Working as a tattoo technician can be an exciting profession, but it is important to maintain your license at all times in order to continue practicing. If you fear you are in jeopardy of losing your license, please contact a New Haven tattoo license defense attorney for help.