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New Haven plumbers are professionals who specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining the distribution of water in a structure. To become a plumber in New Haven, one must be licensed by the state. This requires an approved apprenticeship program, successful completion of the Journeyperson Plumber exam, as well as two years of experience as a licensed Journeyperson Plumber. Once the two years of work experience requirement has been fulfilled, one may then apply to become a Master Plumber. 

You Could Lose Your License

In order to obtain a Master Plumber license, not only is an extensive knowledge of plumbing and pipework required, but a thorough understanding of the plumbing code, best practices, and business law related to plumbing as well. Years of work are required to practice plumbing in New Haven – work that could be jeopardized if the Department of Consumers Protection takes steps against one’s license. A few reasons why a New Haven plumber may lose their license are:

Failing to pull a permit. The state requires licensed plumbers to obtain a permit prior to beginning work. Whether applying with the city or county, a permit is required by the state. Failure to do so could result in a fine or loss of license. 

Selling license to another. Every individual that intends to practice plumbing as a licensed worker is required to complete the requirements set forth by the state. Selling one’s license to another is a serious offense that may lead to the ultimate loss of the license.

Failing to comply with plumbing code. The code is in place for the health and safety of workers and consumers. Failure to meet the plumbing code could result in the removal of license. 

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Becoming a plumber in New Haven creates opportunity, but is not without risk. If you find yourself facing action by the Department of Consumer Protection or the state regarding your license, please contact us and talk to a New Haven plumbing license defense attorney.