New Haven Connecticut Liquor Licenses - The License Lawyers

Holding a liquor license is no small responsibility. You are able to provide for your community but within designated guidelines to protect both you and your customers. To obtain a license, you must first apply through the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Your application process will vary depending on your business model (ex. grocery store, caterer, restaurant, etc.). If your application is approved you are required to provide the town clerk with a copy. Your license should be displayed so police officers and department representatives can easily identify it upon inspection. 

When Your License is on the Line

Your license is not guaranteed once it has been obtained. The Department of Consumer Protection will monitor your license and discipline any violations. If necessary, your license could even be revoked. Some reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Failure to keep proper records. Any business requires proper and up to date records. Failure to keep these records accordingly could result in a revoked license. 

Failing to check identification. Verifying customers are over the legal age limit is important to their health and safety. 

False licensing. All businesses must apply for their own application and cannot use others as their own. 

Get the Help You Need Today!

Customers trust you have the proper licensure when they purchase from your business. Failure to comply with all license regulations could lead to a revoked license and loss of potential profit. If you fear you may lose your license, please contact a New Haven liquor license defense attorney at our office.