New Haven Connecticut Lottery Sales Agents - The License Lawyers

As a licensed Lottery Sales Agent, you are able to participate in the exciting business of the lottery. Becoming a lottery sales agent in New Haven requires approval from the Connecticut Lottery Corporation. Approval allows a license retailer to sell lottery tickets through their business. 

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Approval does not guarantee that one will always be able to participate in the sale of lottery tickets though. A license is needed, and the Department of Consumer Protection is responsible for monitoring licensure to ensure that all participants are following the guidelines set out by the department. If they believe the guidelines have been violated then they may revoke one’s license. Some reasons the department may revoke a license are:

Unprofessional sales. All tickets must be sold with the ticket pricing, lottery pricing, organization’s name and address, and the date of the sale. 

Stealing from customers. Agents are responsible for handling winning tickets. Attempting to mislead customers or take a customer’s winning tickets is a violation. 

Improper prize limits. The Connecticut Lottery Corporation sets maximum limits on prizes. Exceeding limits is a violation. 

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Lottery Sales Agents have the opportunity to work in an exciting and popular industry. Having a license is required by the retailer in order to participate. If you have been contacted by the Department of Consumer Protection regarding your license, please contact us to speak with a New Haven lottery sales agent license defense attorney.