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In order to become an educator in New Haven, an individual must obtain a bachelor’s degree as well as participate in the teacher preparation program at a qualified institution. There is an alternative route available to those who do not have a bachelor’s degree through acquiring an alternative teaching certification. Once all of the needed requirements are met, an Initial Educator Certificate will be issued. This is the first step in the career of a teacher. All initial educators are required to participate in the TEAM Mentoring Program in order to develop their skill as an educator. Once the program is completed, the individual will be presented with the highest educational certificate in Connecticut, a Provisional Educator Certificate.

When Your License is at Risk

In order to retain the role as an educator in Connecticut, current and valid certification must be maintained. The State Board of Education reserves the right to review the eligibility of an educator that fails to maintain certification or if their behavior leads to an inquiry about their ability to teach. Inquiries might be made due to:

Unprofessional behavior. As an educator in Connecticut, there is a required level of professionalism that is mandated. This could include neglecting students, inappropriate behavior towards students or other staff, or anything that would lead the Board of Education to believe that one is unfit to teach.

Conviction of a crime. If the Board of Education believes that the criminal action of an educator would interfere with the safety of the children, they can terminate the teaching license. This could include violent or sexual crimes. 

The acquisition of fraudulent certifications. If an educator is found to have obtained a certification through the misrepresentation of statements or documents, the educator in question could lose any and all licenses or certifications.

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A license is vital to your career as a teacher. If you have been contacted by the Board of Education concerning steps taken against your license, please contact us and speak with a New Haven teaching license defense attorney.