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Becoming a teacher in Hartford is no simple task. The state requires teaching candidates to have a bachelor’s degree and complete a teacher preparation program at an accredited school. If your bachelor’s degree is not in education or does not include a teacher preparation program, you may still become an educator, you will just have a different route through an alternative teacher certification. 

Once all the requirements have been met, first-time teachers will receive an Initial Educator Certificate, which allows them to begin their educating journey. As new teachers, you are required to participate in the TEAM Mentoring Program through your school. Successful completion of the mentor program allows teachers to earn a Provisional Educator Certificate. The Professional Educator Certificate is the highest certification in Connecticut. 

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Teachers are encouraged to continue their education during the course of their career. Teachers are responsible for maintaining the proper certification in order to continue educating their students. If a teacher’s behavior or ability is brought to the attention of the State Board of Education they risk losing their license to teach. A few reasons a teaching license may be revoked are:

Obtaining license through fraudulent means. If you obtain your teaching license through some sort of misrepresentation your license may be revoked. It is important to be honest through the entire process of obtaining your license. 

Neglectful. Not only are educators responsible for teaching children, but also keeping them safe from themselves and others. If you are negligent to the safety of your students, serious injury and harm could occur. 

Unprofessional behavior.  As an educator you are responsible for behaving in a professional manner and demonstrating model behavior to your students. Failure to comply could result in a revocation of licensure. 

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Becoming an educator is an important service position. Without the proper certification you may not participate in the education system. If you are at risk of losing your license, please contact us to speak with a Hartford teaching license defense attorney.