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The lottery is a means of raising money through the selling of tickets, with the goal of the participant receiving a prize. This is done on both a national and state level. In order to sell lottery tickets, one must be a licensed lottery sales agent. To become a lottery sales agent in Hartford, licensed retailers must apply with the Connecticut Lottery Corporation.

When You Risk Losing Your License

If approved, the licensed retailer may begin selling lottery tickets, which typically brings business to the retailer. A license is required at all times to sell lottery tickets. The Department of Consumer Protection has the power to revoke any licensee they believe to have committed a violation against the lottery license. A few reasons a license may be revoked are:

Improper prize limits. The gaming authority sets maximum limits for each prize. Exceeding those limits set is a violation. 

Selling to a minor. Similar to legal drinking age, there is a legal gambling age set by every jurisdiction. Selling to someone younger than the required age limit is a violation. 

Unprofessional sales. Lottery tickets cannot be sold on the street. Proper ticket pricing, lottery pricing, organizer’s name and address, and the date of lottery must all be included in the ticket sale. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

Participation in lottery sales can be a profitable and exciting business. Loss of a license could mean loss of business. If the Department of Consumer Protection has contacted you with concerns about your license, please contact a Hartford lottery sales license defense attorney such as those on our team.