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General Contractor License Defense Attorney

Hartford general contractors provide the material, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) labor, and services for the construction of projects. Generally, contractors will hire specialized subcontractors to perform all functions of the construction work.  When Your License is at Risk  An individual who wishes to perform general contracting work in Hartford will first have […]

Hair Stylist License Defense Attorney

Working as a hair stylist in Hartford can mean a dream come true for many. This is a fulfilling career because it allows people to collaborate with people while also working with aesthetics, beauty, and art. However, there is a rigorous process to becoming a hair stylist in Hartford, and maintaining this license can be difficult. You […]

Insurance Agent License Defense Attorney

A multistep process must be completed to begin working as a licensed insurance agent in Hartford. First you must determine which type of license you require. This might be the property and casualty or life and health insurance license. Once you have determined the proper license you are looking to obtain, you must pass the […]

Liquor License Defense Attorney

To obtain a liquor license a legal business entity must apply for a license through the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Your application processes may vary based on your business (ex. restaurant, cafe, farmers market, caterer, grocery store, etc) but all businesses must have a valid license before they begin selling/providing liquor to their customers. […]

Lottery Sales Agent License Defense Attorney

The lottery is a means of raising money through the selling of tickets, with the goal of the participant receiving a prize. This is done on both a national and state level. In order to sell lottery tickets, one must be a licensed lottery sales agent. To become a lottery sales agent in Hartford, licensed […]

Marijuana License Defense Attorney

In order to obtain a Medical Marijuana Dispensary License, you must have an active pharmacist license issued by the Department of Consumer Protection, complete the proper applications, and provide documentation to the Department of Consumer Protection. This department may request additional information, and you must provide any and all documentation requested.  You Could Lose Your […]

Massage Therapist License Defense Attorney

As a massage therapist in Hartford, you are trained in hands-on treatment that helps enhance a person’s movement and well-being. To become a massage therapist, you must graduate from a nationally accredited school of massage therapy which includes at least 750 of classroom instruction and 60 hours of clinical experience. After graduating, you must pass […]

Dentist License Defense Attorney

Hartford dentists are professionals who are similar to doctors and lawyers such that they provide services to ensure the safety of their community. Becoming a dentist may take you down many different paths, whether that means becoming a licensed DDS or a DMD. This process requires a four year bachelor’s degree and an additional four […]

Doctor License Defense Attorney

Becoming a licensed medical provider is an extensive process that requires years of schooling and postgraduate training. Continued education is expected and mandated in order to continue as a licensed medical practitioner. The medical field is vast and employment opportunities vary based on specialty, but all roles are vital. Whether you are a doctor, physician, […]

Dental Hygienist License Defense Attorney

A licensed Hartford dental hygienist is someone whose profession revolves around conducting initial patient screenings, cleaning teeth, and advising patients on oral health and preventive care. Hygienists will typically work in a dental office alongside a dentist in case of dental emergencies. Because hygienists are vital for any dental office and hold a lot of […]