Hartford Connecticut Insurance Agents - The License Lawyers

A multistep process must be completed to begin working as a licensed insurance agent in Hartford. First you must determine which type of license you require. This might be the property and casualty or life and health insurance license. Once you have determined the proper license you are looking to obtain, you must pass the Connecticut insurance pre-license education course that corresponds. For property and casualty this includes 80 hours of pre-license education. For life, accident, and health, 40 hours of pre-license education is required. After you have completed your education course you are ready to take the Connecticut Insurance License Exam. When you successfully pass the exams you may then apply for your license with the National Insurance Producer Registry. 

It Could All Get Taken Away

Once you have obtained your insurance agent license, you may then begin your career as an insurance agent. Your license is not guaranteed for the rest of your career, though. The state’s insurance department will revoke your license if they find you to be in violation of your license standards. Some reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Fraud. You are in charge of your customer’s policy. Improper representation and theft from policyholders, other agents, or the insurance company could lead to a revoked license and criminal charges. 

Coercion. Manipulating a policy holder in order to charge more or change the policy is a serious violation. 

Felony Conviction. Any felony conviction could lead to your license being revoked. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional 

As an insurance agent in Hartford, your customers rely on you to provide honest and informed policies. Without a license, you can no longer work as an insurance agent. If you believe you are in jeopardy of losing your license please contact a Hartford insurance license defense attorney.