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Having a gaming license in Hartford allows you to conduct legalized gabling within your business. Individuals or entities may apply for a gaming license. The application process includes a detailed application, photographs and fingerprints of all candidates. A state and federal background check will be conducted. Both the Division of Special Revenue and state police and the FBI will conduct criminal background checks. Once a thorough investigation has been conducted, a review committee will either deny or grant the application. 

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Once a license has been granted, it is not guaranteed. The Gaming Division will monitor your licensure and verify that you have complied with designated standards. If you are found to have violated the guideline, your license may be revoked. A few reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Dishonest and unfair conduct. Your establishment is licensed for legal gambling. If you are found to be running dishonest gaming your license may be revoked. 

Allowing minors to participate. Any underage patron should not be allowed to participate in gambling. 

Legal violations. Any license holder that knowingly aids, abets, or conspires to commit a crime will have their license revoked. 

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The Gaming Division is responsible for monitoring proper licensure and has the authority to revoke a license if they find the holder has committed any violation. If you have been contacted about steps taken against your license, please contact us and talk to a Hartford gaming license defense attorney.