Hartford Connecticut General Contractors - The License Lawyers

Hartford general contractors provide the material, equipment (such as engineering vehicles and tools) labor, and services for the construction of projects. Generally, contractors will hire specialized subcontractors to perform all functions of the construction work. 

When Your License is at Risk 

An individual who wishes to perform general contracting work in Hartford will first have to determine the scope of their work, and whether it requires a license.If you wish to work on commercial buildings such as multi-unit condos, healthcare facilities, and office buildings, you must obtain a Major Contractor license. If you wish to work on residential homes, you can either obtain a New Home Construction license or Home Improvement license. You will be limited by the type of license you chose to obtain. However, there are situations where you could lose your license. 

Acting outside of license. Working on projects you are not licensed for could mean loss of license. For example, if you have a Major Construction license and chose to do Home Improvement you run the risk of losing your Major Construction license. 

Failure to pay. A construction related small claims judgment, citation, or arbitration decision could expose you to immediate loss or suspension of your license. 

Negligence or gross negligence. Flaws in buildings that repetitively occur could result in the loss of your license. 

Get the Help You Need Today!

Becoming a general contractor is an exciting career and allows you the opportunity to alter and change the community of Hartford. However, if you are not careful it could be taken away. If you are contacted regarding the suspension or loss of your license please contact Hartford general contracting a license defense attorney.