Professional License Defense for Hartford Doctors

Becoming a licensed medical provider is an extensive process that requires years of schooling and postgraduate training. Continued education is expected and mandated in order to continue as a licensed medical practitioner. The medical field is vast and employment opportunities vary based on specialty, but all roles are vital. Whether you are a doctor, physician, surgeon, or physician assistant, you play an important role in the health and well-being of your community. 

You Could Lose Your License

Medical professionals must retain the proper certifications and licenses required by the state in order to continue practicing and serving the community. Your opportunity to practice may be in jeopardy if the State Board of Medicine takes action against your license. Without such license, years of hard work would be lost. Some reasons the Board of Medicine may take action are:

Gross Negligence. Working with the public is an essential element of any medical position. While there are risks associated with any procedure and treatment, standards are established for reasonable care provided to clients. A complete disregard to these standards could result in serious injury or harm to a client. 

Criminal convictions. While the conviction may have no relation to the medical profession, the Board reserves the right to revoke a license if convicted. This is not to punish the medical professional, but to protect the public.

Professional Misconduct. This broad label could range from an inappropriate relationship with a patient to unethical practices during treatment. There are high standards for medical professionals behavior and treatment administration. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

There is always a need for medical professionals, but the opportunity to practice does not come without risk. If you have been contacted by the State Board of Medicine regarding your license, please contact a Hartford medical license defense attorney.