Professional License Defense for Hartford Barber

Working as a barber in Hartford requires proper licensure. To obtain your license you must first complete a state approved barber program. This consists of at least 1,500 hours of study and training, and 150 of those hours must be focused on theoretical content. Once you have completed the program you may apply to take the Connecticut Barber Examination. When you pass your exam, you are ready to apply for your license with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. 

When You Risk Losing Your License

When the Department of Public Health approves your application, you will receive your license. You are required to renew your license every two years and follow specific guidelines in order to retain your license. If the Department of Public Health believes you have violated the guidelines you risk losing your license. A few reasons a license may be revoked are:

Client complaints. If you behave in an unprofessional manner and your clients feel uncomfortable they may report your actions and behavior to the Department. 

Incompetent or negligent practice. It is important that all barbers act within the scope they are trained and certified to do. Failure to do so could lead to potential safety issues. 

Fraudulent representation to obtain license. Every person wishing to provide barbering services must act under their own license. Using another’s or providing others with your license is a violation. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

As a barber in Hartford you have an opportunity to serve the public in a unique way. The proper licensure is required though. If you are at risk of losing your license, please contact our office to speak with a Hartford barber license defense attorney.