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Plumbers of Hartford are trained professionals that specialize in plumbing and pipe installation, maintenance, and repair of water systems in both residential and commercial buildings. The state requires plumbers to obtain a license to practice. Multiple steps are required to obtain a plumbers license including successful completion of an Apprenticeship Program and the Journeyperson Plumber Exam. After two years of work experience as a Journeyperson Plumber, one can then apply to become a Master Plumber which requires an additional plumbing exam and a Business and Law Exam. 

When Your License is on the Line

Proper certification and licensure takes years of hard work to achieve and is required to work as a plumber in Hartford. If the Department of Consumer Protection believes a violation of the license has occurred, action against the license may be sought. This may risk your ability to hold a license and continue working as a plumber. Potential violations that could results in action by the Department of Consumer Corrections are:

Pulling a permit for another. Permits are required for almost every job done by a plumber, and all plumbers must obtain their own permit through the city or county. Failure to do so could result in a loss of licensure. 

Failure to obtain a permit. As mentioned above, nearly every task completed by a plumber requires an approval and permit granted by the city or state. Proper documentation by the plumber with both the customer and state are standard practice. 

Installation of faulty equipment. Plumbing code is in place to protect the safety of both the customer and the worker. Failure to adhere to the standards established by the code may result in a report to the Department of Consumer Protection. 

We Can Defend Your Livelihood – Call Us

While there is an extensive process to becoming a licensed plumber in Hartford, the opportunity for growth and development is a great reward. With the reward also comes a risk of losing years of hard work if a license is revoked. If you have been contacted by the Department of Consumer Protection or received a letter from the state concerning your license please contact us and we can put you in touch with a Hartford plumbing license defense lawyer.