Hartford Connecticut Massage Therapists - The License Lawyers

As a massage therapist in Hartford, you are trained in hands-on treatment that helps enhance a person’s movement and well-being. To become a massage therapist, you must graduate from a nationally accredited school of massage therapy which includes at least 750 of classroom instruction and 60 hours of clinical experience. After graduating, you must pass the Massage and Bodyworks Licensing Exam to become a licensed massage therapist. 

When Your License is at Risk

Once you have completed the above listed obligations and are a licensed massage therapist, you must work to maintain your license in order to begin and continue practicing. The Department of Public Health is responsible for issuing and handling disciplinary actions against a license. The Department may revoke a license if they see so fit. A few reasons a license may be revoked are:

Felony conviction. Because the work of a massage therapist is to work closely with the public, if one is convicted of a felony they may lose their license in order to protect the public. 

Fraud. It is a violation to use your business in a deceitful or unethical manner and may lead to criminal charges as well. 

Wrongful conduct. Inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct are examples of wrongful conduct that could lead to a loss of license. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

As a massage therapist in Hartford, you play an important role in the community’s well-being. Without the proper license, you may no longer be able to contribute and help others in the same way. If the Department of Public Health has contacted you with concerns over your licensure, please contact a Hartford massage therapy license defense attorney.