Hartford Connecticut Liquor Licenses - The License Lawyers

To obtain a liquor license a legal business entity must apply for a license through the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. Your application processes may vary based on your business (ex. restaurant, cafe, farmers market, caterer, grocery store, etc) but all businesses must have a valid license before they begin selling/providing liquor to their customers.

When Your License is at Risk 

Once you have your license from the Department of Consumer Protection, a copy of your license must be provided to the town clerk and the license must be displayed in a prominent location where it can be viewed by law enforcement or department officials if necessary. Compliance with license standards is necessary to keep your license. If you violate the guidelines set by the Department of Consumer protection they may revoke your license. A few reasons your license may be revoked are: 

Selling to a minor. Without proper identification you legally cannot provide alcohol to any customer. This is to protect your business and the public. 

Unlawful practices on premises. Any unlawful practices such as gambling, or encouraging violence may lead to a revoked license. 

Selling in unauthorized locations. Your license specifies where and when you may sell liquor; acting outside of the guidelines of your license may lead to it being revoked. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

As a business licensed to sell liquor it is important you are trusted to make proper sales to customers. Failure to do so will lead to a revoked license. If you have been contacted by the Department of Consumer Protection regarding actions against your license, please contact a Hartford liquor license defense attorney.