Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Teachers

To become a teacher in Bridgeport, one must acquire a bachelor’s degree as well as complete a teacher preparation program at an accredited institution. It is possible to become an educator without a degree in education through an alternative teacher certification. After an individual completes all of the necessary requirements, they will be issued an Initial Educator Certificate. The I.E.C is the first step in a career as an educator. New teachers are required to participate in a developmental program called the TEAM Mentoring Program. After successful completion of the program, new teachers obtain a Provisional Educator Certificate, which is the highest certification in Connecticut.

When You Risk Losing Your License

It is the duty of the teacher to maintain valid certification to be a licensed educator in Connecticut. If a teacher fails to do so or is brought to the State Board of Education due to behavior or questionable ability, they can potentially lose their teaching credential. The following are some of the reasons that could lead to the termination of the license:

The fraudulent acquisition of the necessary credentials.This includes but is not limited to, misrepresentation or the presentation of misleading information in order to acquire a license.

Conviction of a criminal act. If a crime involving moral turpitude is committed or any crime that the Board of Education believes could interfere with the ability to teach, such as drug, alcohol, or sexual related crimes, a license may be lost.

Neglect of students. As a teacher, an individual is not only responsible for providing a quality education to their students, but they are also responsible for maintaining a safe educational environment.

Cal Us – We Wrote the Book on License Defense

As a teacher you are able to impact so many lives within the community. Without the proper license you can no longer work as a teacher in Bridgeport. If you are in jeopardy of losing your teaching license please contact a Bridgeport teaching license defense attorney.