Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Plumbers

Bridgeport plumbers are professionals who specialize in pipefitting and installing systems for the use of water in residential and commercial buildings. A Bridgeport plumber is licensed by the state of Connecticut with two levels – Journeyman Plumber and Master Plumber. You must complete an approved apprenticeship program and then a two year period as a Journeyman Plumber before obtaining your Master Plumber certification. In addition to the “on the job” experience, the plumber must also sit for and pass a written examination about plumbing code, best practices, and even business law that relates to plumbing in order to be licensed as a plumber.

When Your License is at Risk 

Plumbers in Bridgeport must have the certifications necessary to be licensed. When your license is at risk because the Department of Consumer Protection is seeking to take action against your license, you could be in jeopardy of losing all you have worked for and your ability to be a Bridgeport-based plumber. Some of the reasons why a Bridgeport plumber could lose their license are:

Failing to comply with plumbing code. This is a serious issue and if the code inspectors in Bridgeport find that your plumbing does not meet the standards for plumbing, they could report you to the DCP and that could trigger a hearing.

Failing to use proper contracts. As any Bridgeport plumber knows, all work that is done should be done by way of a written contract which gives both sides an outline of their responsibilities to each other. Failing to have a written contract is a failure on behalf of the tradesman plumber for not following state requirements.

Deficient record keeping. By failing to adhere to rules for proper documentation of your plumbing services, you could be disciplined by the Department of Consumer Protection and forced to undergo remedial training for record keeping, hire an outside service to compile your records, or be placed on probation or suspended from being a plumber for a period of time or permanently.

Call Us – We Wrote the Book on License Defense

As you can see, being a Bridgeport plumber comes with great opportunity, but also the risk of jeopardizing your license. If you have been informed by the DCP or gotten a letter from the state about the license you hold, please contact us so that you can get the help of a Bridgeport plumbing license defense attorney.