Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Insurance Agent

To become a licensed insurance agent in Bridgeport, you must first decide in what capacity you want to work, whether that be property and casualty or life and health insurance. Once you have decided your career path, you have to complete the required pre-exam education courses. This could range from 40-80 hours of education. After you have completed your pre-exam education you have to take the Connecticut License Exam. Successful completion allows you to apply with the National Insurance Producer Registry. When your application is verified and approved you are able to begin serving your community as a licensed insurance agent. 

When Your License is on the Line

The state insurance department monitors licenses and has the power to revoke any license they find to have committed a violation. A few reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Coercing policy holders. Manipulating or misrepresenting a policy to your customers is not permitted. 

Felony conviction. A felony conviction could lead to a revoked license. 

Rebating. Trying to entice a customer through gifts or rebates is prohibited. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

You are responsible for a lot of sensitive information as a licensed insurance agent. Many people in the community depend on your services. If you have been contacted by the State Insurance Department regarding steps taken against your license, please seek help from a Bridgeport insurance license defense attorney.