Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Daycare Workers

As a daycare working in the Bridgeport area, you play an important role in the function of the community. Many families are dependent on the care you provide. You must be at least eighteen years old with a high school diploma (or with an equivalent of at least 540 documented hours of previous experience) in order to work in a daycare. Once you have met these qualifications, the daycare facility you work for must also meet certain qualifications. These standards are set out in the Basic Building Code, Public Health Code, Fire Safety Code, and public ordinance. 

It Could All Get Taken Away

The Division of Community Based Regulations is responsible for issuing licenses and handling disciplinary actions. If they believe it to be necessary, they have the authority to revoke a daycare license. A few reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Mental or physical illness. Employees are responsible for the lives placed in their care. If you become mentally or physically incapable, your license may be revoked so you have the opportunity to receive the help you need.

Abuse or neglect. Families should feel safe and at ease leaving their children in your care. If you violate this trust through an act of abuse or neglect, your license may be revoked. 

Fraudulent licensure. If you obtain your license under any circumstance that was anything other than honest and accurate, your license will be revoked. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

Daycare workers and facilities are necessary in the Bridgeport community. Holding the proper licensure is necessary to continue providing care to the families in the community. If you have been contacted concerning actions taken against your license please contact our office to get help from a  Bridgeport daycare license defense attorney.