Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Real Estate Agents

Real estate is always evolving and a great option for those who love to interact with people and who are intrigued by a challenging profession. Real estate agents in Bridgeport have tasks such as listing homes for sale, working with clients on buying a home, and aiding in the sale of commercial real estate. 

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Becoming a licensed real estate agent requires a few steps in Bridgeport. First, you must sit for the 60 hour real estate principles and practices course that meets the minimum requirements as set forth by the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Real Estate Commission. These classes can be live, in person, or virtual live. Subject matter will include: real property and the law, concepts of home ownerships, agency, and lease/property management among many others. The only requirement prior to obtaining your license is being 18 years or older. After you are licensed you may then choose which real estate broker you wish to team up with in order to effectuate legal transactions that are required. 

Unfortunately, even after years of practice, it is possible to lose your license. A few issues that could cause license loss are: 

Not cooperating with investigators of the real estate commission.

Money mistakes, sloppy bookkeeping, fund shuffling, or borrowing client funds may result in the loss or revocation of your license. 

Misrepresentation, by purposely hiding defects in homes from potential buyers.

Turn to a License Defense Professional

Real estate is an exciting field, and you will never be bored with this job. But, even a small mistake could lead to the loss of your license or suspension. If you are contacted regarding this issue, please reach out to our office to speak with a Bridgeport real estate license defense attorney who can help with your situation.