Professional License Defense for Embalmer & Funeral Director

Becoming a Bridgeport embalmer and/or funeral director requires an associate’s degree in mortuary science from an accredited educational institution, completion of the Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, and a one year apprenticeship. Once all of the requirements have been met and proper documentation has been recorded with the Connecticut Department of Public Health, you are now ready to become a licensed embalmer and funeral director. 

When Your License is at Risk

Becoming a licensed embalmer and funeral director is a way to help your community through difficult times. The Connecticut Department of Public Health will monitor your licensure, and violations could lead to a revocation of your license. A few reasons a license might be revoked are:

Unprofessional behavior. It is important that during sensitive interactions with the public you are able to work in a professional manner. Complaints to the department could result in a revocation of your license.

Improper record keeping. Handling sensitive information and dealing with serious matters is no small task. It is important to track this properly for both you and your clients’ protection. 

Failure to comply with health code. Violations may result in a warning, but failure to fix them could lead to a suspended license. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

Serving the community as a funeral director and embalmer can be a rewarding experience, but a license must be maintained. If you have been contacted by the Connecticut Department of Public Health concerning  your licensure, please contact our office to speak with a Bridgeport embalmer and funeral director license defense attorney.