Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Lottery Sales Agent

The lottery is a celebrated game that allowed participants to enter for a chance at a variety of prizes. In order to sell lottery tickets, a license is required. License retailers may obtain a license to become a Lottery Sales Agent by applying through the Department of Consumer Protection. Once approved and licensed, Lottery Sales Agents have the opportunity to participate as a key member of the lottery. 

You Could Lose Your License

You are expected to abide by the standards and guidelines set by the Department of Consumer Protection once you have a lottery license. Failure to do so could result in a loss of one’s license. Some reason a license may be lost are: 

Fraudulent sales. Increasing the price of a lottery ticket with a set price from the gaming authority in hopes of increasing profit is fraudulent. 

Selling to an underage consumer. There are age requirements in order to participate in the lottery. Selling to a customer under the age requirement can lead to a revocation of licensure. 

Stealing from winning tickets. Customers will turn in their winning lottery tickets at your store. Trying to switch tickets or swindle a customer out of their winnings is stealing and not permitted. 

Get the Help You Need Today!

Becoming a Lottery Sales Agent can be profitable for a business. In order to keep your license and continue participating as a key member of the lottery, it is important to follow all guidelines established by the Department of Consumer Protection. If you are in jeopardy of losing your license, please contact our team to speak with a Bridgeport lottery sales license defense attorney.




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