Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Hair Stylist

Working as a hair stylist in Bridgeport can be a joy for many people. This is a fulfilling career because it allows people to be social while also working with aesthetics, beauty, and art. However, there is a rigorous process to becoming a hair stylist in Bridgeport, and maintaining this license can be difficult. You can learn more here.

Becoming a Hair Stylist

In order to be a hair stylist in Bridgeport, you must finish the 9th grade, finish a formal education program, and pass the Connecticut cosmetology exam. You also need to fill out the hairdresser license application and send it in along with the $100 application fee. In addition, you need to submit training hours to the Department of Public Health and give them your scores from the cosmetology exam.

Your License is at Risk

Once you obtain a hair stylist license, your work is not done. People cannot do whatever they want after they get their license because these licenses can be taken away. If you do not follow the rules and regulations outlined by the Department of Public Health, you risk losing your license.

A few common issues that could result in a license issue are:

Committing fraud and defrauding your clients.

Providing services not outlined in your license. There are lots of things that a hairdresser license will allow you to do, but there are some things that are inappropriate. Do not go out of the scope of your license.

Working while under the influence. Facing a drug addiction issue could lead to poor choices while on the job. Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol could result in serious issues with the Department of Public Health.

How to Keep Your License

Many people do not face issues with their licenses or are able to overcome issues. The best way to keep a Bridgeport hairdresser license is by contacting a professional who can help with your situation, such as one of the attorneys at our office. Contact us to learn more.