Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Barber

Serving the public as a barber in Bridgeport allows you to meet the public’s needs in a unique and rewarding way. To become a barber you must obtain the proper licensure. This requires at least 1,500 of study in a state approved barber program. Of those 1,500 hours, 150 of them must solely be dedicated to theoretical content. Once the program has been completed, you must pass the Connecticut Barber Examination. 

You Could Lose Your License

If all the steps are successfully completed, you may apply for your license with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. If approved you are then a licensed barber. You may work as a barber as long as you have a valid license. The Department of Public Health requires you to renew your license every two years. Failure to do so or any violation against your license could result in a revoked license. Some reasons a license may be revoked are: 

Improper records. Proper records are required to track clients, expenses, and payroll. Failure to do so is a violation.  

Drug or alcohol abuse. In order to provide a safe environment for clients, drug or alcohol abuse are not allowed. 

Health code violations. A sanitary and safe environment is important for you and your clients’ health and wellbeing. 

the License Lawyers Can Defend Your Livelihood – Call Us

Working as a barber is a unique way to serve the public with your talents. Proper licensure is required to provide your services. If the Department of Public Health has contacted you regarding your license, please contact us and talk to a Bridgeport barber license defense lawyer.