Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Optometrists

Doctors of Optometry (ODs/optometrists) in Bridgeport are the independent primary healthcare professionals for the eye. They examine the human eye, and also diagnose, manage, and treat eye illnesses or diseases. Typically these disorders are associated with the structures as well as related to systemic conditions affecting the eye. 

When You Risk Losing Your License

Becoming an OD in Bridgeport requires multiple educational steps. The first step is obtaining a bachelor’s degree, ideally in pre-med or biology fields. Before an optometrist can apply for optometry school they must pass the OAT, which is a computerized exam that will test skills such as science, reading, and comprehension. After passing the OAT you can then enter a four year Doctor of Optometry program to study advanced anatomy and optics. A one year residency is not required, however clinical training is important for experience. Once you have completed your four year optometry degree you may want to consider certifications and then obtain your license by taking the Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease Examinations. But, there are certain situations where a license may be revoked. These include:

Fraud. Charging patients the incorrect amounts to their insurance company could result in the loss or suspension of license.

Drug abuse. Whether through misusing the ability to prescribe drugs or misusing drugs yourself, this abuse could result in the loss of license. 

Criminal convictions. Optometrists are generally required to report any criminal felony convictions sustained while holding a license and this could result in the loss of licensure.

Turn to a License Defense Professional

ODs in Bridgeport are important to the community, and your license requires years of work and experience. If you are contacted regarding the loss or suspension of your license this could threaten your livelihood, if so please contact our office to speak with a Bridgeport optometry licensure defense attorney.