Professional License Defense for Bridgeport Electricians

Electricians in Bridgeport are an integral part of our community, yet oftentimes the profession goes unnoticed. Electricians are tradespeople and their job is to plan, install, and maintain electricity wiring stems across a wide variety of environments. These may be located in homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles. 

You Could Lose Your License

Becoming an electrician has multiple pathways. This can include becoming a Journeyman Electrician, a Master Electrician, or an Independent Electrical Contractor. A Journeyman Electrician is the most basic level, and you are able to become a licensed electrician after completing an apprenticeship, they are able to work independently but cannot offer training. A Master Electrician is a journeyman who has worked for about two years, and requires candidates to pass the Electrical Contractor exam with at least a 70% and pass the Business and Law exam with at least a 70%. Master Electricians offer training to apprentices and direct electrical teams. Lastly, an Electrical Contractor is a small business owner who hires teams to complete jobs. At least one person on the team must be a Master Electrician. These pathways can lead to success, but there are situations as an electrician where your license can be revoked. A few common license issues include:

Fraud. If you are a Journeyman and present yourself as a Master Electrician, you could lose your certification and you will be unable to obtain a Master Electrician license in the future. 

Failure to abide by health and safety laws. There are many safety regulations in regards to electrical work and if it is discovered that you are not following these precautions your license could be revoked. 

Unlicensed electrical work. If electricians on a team allow others to perform electrical work without certification they are liable for not only their mistakes but also their license. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

Electricity is a necessity for every community, and if you enjoy the problem solving involved in becoming an electrician, you should do whatever it takes to protect your license. If it is ever threatened, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a Bridgeport electrician license defense lawyer.