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Registered Nurse License Defense Lawyer

Becoming a registered nurse in New Haven allows you to provide medical care needed in the community. The path to becoming a registered nurse begins by successfully completing and receiving either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Then once must pass the National Council Licensure Exam. Once both requirements have been met, one may begin practicing as a licensed registered nurse.  

When You Risk Losing Your License

The work for a registered nurse is not done though. Maintaining proper training is vital to continued licensing. If for some reason the Board of Examiners for Nurses takes actions against your license, you could be in jeopardy of losing your license and be unable to continue serving your community. Some reasons the Board might take action against  your license are:

Arrest and or conviction of a DUI. While a DUI charge is not uncommon, those working in the medical field are held to a very high standard to ensure patients are receiving the proper care. 

Stealing or possessing a controlled/illegal substance. Contact with medication is essential in the medical field. Patients should be able to trust that those providing care are focused and capable. As such, possession of a controlled substance could endanger the patients health and safety. 

Practicing outside of license. The medical field is vast in areas of specialization. Different medical providers have different understandings and knowledge about their specified area. If it is important that medical providers do not act out of the scope they are licensed to practice in order to protect the patient and themselves. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

Providing for the community’s needs through the work as a registered nurse can be a rewarding occupation. One must maintain the proper licensure in order to continue their work. If you are at risk of losing your license, please contact us and speak with a New Haven registered nurse defense attorney.