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Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in New Haven allows you to work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. Becoming a CNA is usually the first step in one’s nursing career. In order to begin working, successful completion of a state-approved nursing program is required, including 100 hours of logged work experience, and the Connecticut Nurse’s Aide Certification Exam. Once these requirements have been met, you may begin working as a licensed CNA.

You Could Lose Your License

CNAs progress is monitored by the state CNA Board. The Board also handles disciplinary actions if necessary and handles them accordingly. If they believe it to be necessary they may revoke a license, which is required to continue working as a CNA. Some reasons the CNA Board may revoke a license are:

Unprofessional conduct. This is a broad category and can include anything from inappropriate language with a patient to sexual relationships with a superior. 

Use of illegal substances. Patient care and safety should be the goal of CNA at work. Use of illegal substances interferes with one’s ability to work properly. 

Acting outside the scope of license. Medical workers must complete the proper training in order to perform different tasks. Only tasks which one is certified and licensed to do should be performed. 

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Working as a CNA can be the first step in a rewarding nursing career. In order to maintain and advance, one must hold the proper licensing. If you have been contacted about steps taken against your license, please contact a New Haven CNA license defense attorney.