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Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) are specialized registered nurses, who are trained and licensed to practice a broad range of medical care. In addition to completing and maintaining a license as a registered nurse, APRNs must also earn a graduate degree in nursing, hold a specialized certification through a nationally approved organization, and complete at least thirty hours of pharmaceutical for advanced nursing education.

When Your License is at Risk

Achieving all the requirements is not the end of the journey. APRNs must hold a current license in order to practice in the medical field. There are standards and guidelines for maintaining one’s license. If the Board of Examiners for Nurses takes any steps against your license, you may be at risk of losing all you have worked for. Some possible reasons steps may be taken against a license are:

Drug or alcohol abuse. Having a dependency on drugs and/or alcohol can affect your ability to give your job the attention it needs. For the safety of your patients and colleagues, a dependency needs to find the proper help and cannot be allowed to continue on the job. 

Sexual misconduct. Whether it is an inappropriate relationship with a patient or a superior, sexual misconduct is a license violation.

Failing to obtain consent. Whether from the patient themselves, their spouse, or guardian, consent is required to perform any operation/treatment or to publish case reports/photographs in medical journals.

Get the Help You Need Today!

As an APRN in New Haven, you are held to a very high standard of professionalism in order to practice. Having a current license is required. If the state or Board of Examiners for Nurses has contacted you regarding your license, please get help from our office and a New Haven APRN license defense attorney.