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Although becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is usually the first step in a long journey in the medical field, CNAs are vital to the comfort and wellbeing of their patients. CNAs are required to complete a state-approved nursing program, which includes over one-hundred hours of logged work experience. Once the education program has been successfully completed, CNA candidates in Connecticut must pass the Connecticut Nurse’s Aide Certification Exam.

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Once you have passed the state certification exam, you are now licensed to work as a CNA in the state. The State CNAs Board will monitor your progress, they will also monitor any complaints or unprofessional behavior. If the Board believes it to be necessary, they may revoke your CNA license completely. Some reasons a license might be revoked are:

Patient abuse or neglect. Patients rely on their CNA to help with their comfort and wellbeing. Improper or lack of needed care could lead to serious injury or harm to the patient. 

Acting outside of license scope. As a CNA you will be guided by a registered nurse or physician. Each person plays a vital role in the patient’s health, and it is important that they work together and properly. Guidelines are in place to make sure each member of the medical team knows their responsibility and only acts within their authorized licensure. 

Falsifying medical documents. Though it can be a taxing position that may leave you tired at the end of the day, it is important that all documentation is properly kept and correct. 

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The public and medical field depend on CNAs to perform daily operations. You may only practice if you can maintain the proper licensure. If you find yourself at risk of losing your license, please contact our office to talk to a Hartford CNA license defense attorney.