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Becoming an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) opens the door for more opportunities to advance and work in the medical field. As an APRN, you are able to coordinate patient care, provide primary and specialty healthcare (including diagnosis, test analysis, and medication prescriptions). One must first obtain a registered nurse license, which could take two to four years, depending on the degree. Then a certification as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or a nurse anesthetist must be held from a nationally approved organization. A graduate degree in nursing is also required before one can become a licensed APRN. 

If Could All Be Taken Away

With more opportunity comes more responsibility for APRNs. Proper certification and licensure is required to practice as an APRN. If you lose your license, you also lose  years of work and experience. There are a number of reasons the Board of Examiners for Nurses might revoke one’s license, some of which are:

Improper documentation of medical records. Proper medical records are important to the health of the patient. These records are also necessary to track treatments and medication for the hospital records. Improper documentation could have serious consequences for both the APRN and the patient. 

Patient misconduct. Many patients are in a fragile state when they encounter an APRN. It is important to be aware of their physical and mental sensitivities to provide the necessary standard of care. 

Use of controlled/illegal substances. In the medical profession, lives are at stake and a clean mind and body are required to provide the care needed. Any use of controlled or illegal substances can impair one’s ability to practice. 

Turn to a License Defense Professional

While becoming an APRN can be an incredible opportunity, it does not come without risks. If the Board of Examiners for Nurses has contacted you about any action taken against your license, please contact a Hartford APRN license defense attorney.