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To become a registered nurse in Bridgeport, one must have a nursing degree from a state approved nursing school. There are multiple options to earn your nursing degree. The most common are through an Associate’s Nursing Degree or a Bachelor’s in Nursing Degree. Graduates then must pass the National Council Licensure Exam to begin practicing. 

When They Can Strip You of Your Career

Registered nurses are needed and necessary in the medical field. Practicing registered nurses are required to maintain the proper license to continue providing medical care to their patients. If for some reason the Board of Examiners for Nurses takes action to revoke your license, there is a risk you could no longer be able to provide patients with the care they need. Some reasons a license could be revoked are:

Diversion of drugs. Taking medication intended for a patient for yourself or someone else is a serious violation that could lead to a license revocation and even criminal charges. 

Patient abuse or neglect. Patients rely on their nurse to administer proper medication and treatment. Not doing this could be a health risk. 

Violating Probation. If the Board has previous complaints and/or offenses on file, and has placed you on probation, a violation could lead to the complete revocation of your license. 

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Becoming a registered nurse is a difficult process. Maintaining the proper training for a license can also be difficult. If you have been contacted by the state or Board of Examiners for Nurses regarding your license, please contact a Bridgeport registered nurse license defense attorney such as the ones at our office.