Professional License Defense for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Working as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in Bridgeport allows you to provide specialized medical care to those in need in your community. As an APRN, not only are the same requirements to become a registered nurse necessary, but additionally a graduate degree in nursing must also be completed. With every specialization comes additional required certifications. APRNs must maintain current certifications as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse anesthetist. 

When Your License is on the Line

As an APRN, one may diagnose, analyze patients’ medical tests, and prescribe medication. With more opportunity to advance in the medical field, there is still a risk of losing one’s license. Without a current and proper license, you are no longer allowed to practice. The Board of Examiners for Nurses monitors and investigates any violations in order to protect patients and others working in the medical field. Some violations that could lead to a license being revoked are:

Violation of probation. Not all offenses are an automatic revocation of a license. The Board may put you on probation. Failure to follow the requirements established by the probation terms could lead to your license being revoked. 

Criminal conviction. Even if the crime in question is not related to your workplace or your occupational duties, conviction could lead to a loss of license. The intention is to protect patients and colleagues. 

Forging patient or supervisor’s signature. Procedures are in place to protect you and your patients. Failure to comply with these procedures is a serious violation. 

When You Need a Defense – Call a License Defense Lawyer

Working as an APRN can be a rewarding, but tough occupation. Because there are high risks associated with the work, proper licensure is required to continue working. If you believe your license is at risk of being revoked, please contact a Bridgeport professional license defense lawyer such as one at The License Lawyers.