Professional License Defense for Certified Nursing Assistant

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is usually the first step in one’s nursing career. To become a CNA in Bridgeport you must complete a state approved nursing program, including 100 hours of on-site experience, and pass the Connecticut Nurse’s Aide Certification Exam. Once you have completed and passed your program and exam, you are ready to work as a licensed CNA. 

When You Risk Losing Your License

To practice in Bridgeport, all CNAs must retain their license at all times. The state CNA board will track all progress and complaints. They are responsible for handling disciplinary actions. The Board has the power to revoke a license if they see fit. Some reasons the Board may decide to revoke a license are:

Improper documentation. It is important that all of the patients’ records are correct and up to date for their health and wellbeing. Failure to do this could result in a revocation of a license. 

Professional misconduct. This is a broad description but could range from inappropriate language with a patient, sexual relationships with a patient or superior, to unethical treatment of a patient. 

Drug abuse. It is important that those dealing with a drug addiction receive the help they need. It will be difficult if not impossible to maintain a license if addiction is not properly handled. 

We Can Defend Your Livelihood – Call Us

Working as a CNA can be the first step in a rewarding career. A license is required to continue working in the medical field. If you find yourself at risk of losing your license, please contact us to speak with a Bridgeport CNA license defense attorney.